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Paul Davis Awarded Life Membership

At the recent BFC Best & Fairest Awards the Club awarded Life Memberships to former Club President Terry Lucas and current Club Treasurer Paul Davis.

In the first of two tributes, we’ll take a look at the contribution Paul has made to the club over an 18-year span as a volunteer.

Paul Davis has been on the Senior committee for eight years and before that served around the club in a variety of coaching and support roles at junior and senior level. In his capacity as Club Treasurer, Paul has been a clear thinker and an important voice in the Senior committee room. Paul helped the club navigate through the Sporting Club collapse and has played a vital role in ensuring the Club’s financial security.

In presenting the Life Membership at the club’s Best & Fairest, former President Terry Lucas referred to Paul as the ‘Quiet Achiever’. Terry added, “He has done an enormous amount of work behind the scenes in a quiet and selfless manner. He has been treasurer for 8 years, under 3 different Presidents, including my 5 years. He has been a junior coach, assistant coach, head of football operations, goal umpire and bar person. He’s been previously received the Steve Caffyn ‘Best Club Person Of The Year’ award for his outstanding contribution to the club and he has done all this despite the fact that his two boys retired from footy at least 5 years ago. That’s the measure of the man. Humble, selfless, community driven. A very deserving inductee to ‘Life Membership’ of Beaumaris Football Club.”

The roles that Paul has done at the club have been many and varied, commencing in 2006 as Assistant Coach of the Under 12’s, then in 2007 as Assistant Coach of the Under 13’s before becoming coach of the U14’s and 15s. In ensuing years, Paul roles became more diverse, and included Team Manager, runner, boundary umpire and goal umpire. Upon the retirement of long serving Treasurer Sid Catlin, Paul was asked by then President John Murton to take over that role and serve on the Senior Committee. Paul didn't hesitate.

John had this to add, “I was delighted to hear of the awarding of life membership to Paul Davis. Becoming the club’s treasurer is a daunting task at the best of times. particularly after the previous incumbent have been performing the role for over 20 years. Paul took over in 2016. A year of great on field success, but we did encounter a number of financial struggles that year. Paul managed to guide us through that time as well as modify the way we accounted for certain items to improve disclosures. Come the end of the 2017 season, we were back to normal. I was extremely grateful for Paul’s assistance over that time. He always performed his role in an unassuming and modest manner.

Post my time as President, the club encountered a number of challenges including the management of the new clubhouse and associated finances and the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As an external observer, I can only admire how he and Terry Lucas (his co-life member awardee) were able to steer the club through the financial maelstrom caused by these two situations. Paul thoroughly deserves his life membership. Congratulations!”

Current Club President Nick Heath echoed John Murton’s words, “Paul is someone who seeks no personal adulation, but has made a significant contribution to the club he loves, in critical roles. Paul is universally respected by all for his selfless integrity and substantial wisdom. Not to mention, he’s a ripping guy. I personally would not have taken on the job as President without knowing Paul would be Treasurer, a critical role for the club he has done with aplomb for 8 years and counting! It’s no coincidence the club is in good financial shape, due to Paul’s hands being on the wheel of the clubs finances, especially his navigating of the complex and challenging Beaumaris Sports Club transition. I know I speak on behalf of the whole current committee, and previous ones who served with Paul, in saying, ‘by your deeds you have become known’. Thank you for your outstanding service."

These days, you’re most likely to see Paul working behind the bar at the club or at a BFC function with an efpos machine collecting money. Nothing is too much of a problem for Paul, which for those who work with Paul on the committee, is a great thing to know.

Congratulations Paul Davis – now a Beaumaris Football Club ‘Life member’. Well deserved!

Footnote: the Editor would like to thank Terry Lucas, John Murton and Nick Heath for their contributions.

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