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Child Safety Code of Conduct

Policy Date: March 2018

This Code of Conduct outlines the minimum standards of behaviours for anyone involved in the South Metro Junior Football League (SMJFL), and Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) and applies both on and off the football field at club functions and at all SMJFL and VAFA events. Each role must abide by their necessary Codes of Conduct due to differing role requirements, whilst maintaining an understanding of the Codes of Conduct outlined for other personnel.

This Code of Conduct aims to protect children and reduce any opportunities for abuse or harm to occur. It also helps club personnel and volunteers by providing them with guidance on how to best support children and how to avoid or better manage difficult situations.

This Code of Conduct apply to all people involved in SMJFL's and VAFA activities, including coaches, officials, volunteers and parents.


  • Adhering to our Child Safe Policy, this Code of Conduct and other SMJFL and VAFA policies
  • Taking all reasonable steps to protect children from abuse
  • Treating everyone with respect, including listening to and valuing their ideas and opinions
  • Welcoming all children and their families and carers and being inclusive
  • Respecting cultural, religious and political differences and acting in a culturally sensitive way, particularly when interacting with children who are Aboriginal or otherwise culturally or linguistically diverse and those with a disability
  • Modeling appropriate adult behaviour
  • Listening to children and responding to them appropriately
  • Reporting and acting on any breaches of this Code of Conduct, complaints or concerns appropriately and treat them seriously and with respect
  • Complying with the SMJFL and VAFA guidelines on physical contact with children
  • with children in an open and transparent way; other adults should always know about the work you are doing with children
  • Respecting the privacy of children and their families, and only disclosing information to people who have a need to know