Rd 11 - Comeback Kings

What's a good comeback story?

How about trailing by 17 points with five minutes to go to snatch victory by a point?

Still not inspired?

What about a game-ending injury to defender Jack Gabron-Uhe before halftime?

Compound that with an injury to Jack's brother, Dylan, who tore his hamstring in the third term, significantly hampering player rotations.

And did I mention the stakes, with the winner in the box seat to play finals?

Now that's a comeback story!

Beaumaris' improbable victory at the death null against Caulfield Grammarians has put the Sharks in control of its finals destiny.

A final term goal at the 27th-minute mark by Callum Heath cut the margin to a respectable 11 points. The belief was the battle with the opponent - and time - was lost.

But then Anthony Carroll caught a rough-and-tumble ball from Callum Beattie-Powell and calmy slotted the goal to give the team a faint pulse.

"Surely not," recalled Jonno Nash. "The game was over just a minute earlier."

Matt Petering sharked the centre clearance to launch the team into attack, which nearly resulted in a brilliant, candy-selling goal by Will Edmonds. But his kick was partially smothered and forced a scrimmage at the tip of the goal square.

You could throw a blanket over 20 players, as Rex Hunt would've aptly said.

The umpire threw the ball up, yet to our benefit, discovered a contentious free kick within the chaos.

Petering wrapped up an opponent, who was given holding the ball. The captain went back and cooly kicked the goal.

"I don't think the free kick was there, but that's probably why I'm not an umpire," Nash said.

"That's one the nuances of B-grade footy; the umpiring can be unpredictable.

"But nonethless, to be able to recover from that deficit that late in the quarter will give us confidence deep into the season."

Roughly 60 seconds elapsed before the final siren was blown. But moments earlier, a Frankston-bound train roared its horn, which was mistaken by a pocket of Sharks players as the end of the match.

Arms were raised in victory, some players embraced, until the realisation that the match was still live sunk in. Luckily, the Caulfield player, with ball in hand, didn't capitalise on the error. 

"I half-celebrated. I did hear something, but got swept up by my teammates celebrating the win. Thank God it was short-lived," he said.

The win has seen the Sharks leapfrog Caulfield to fourth-place.

Pack-marking defender Ben McLean was pivotal in the back-half, thwarting many of Caulfield's deep entries.

Sam Gibbons (three goals) was lively, while Matt Petering wound back the clock in a masterful display in the midfield.

But the win is soured by injuries to the Gabron-Uhe brothers. Both suffered hamstring injuries with Dylan's appearing more serious than Jack's.

It was Jack's first senior game since round two after recovering from a broken thumb.

Meanwhile, the reserves saluted a 19-point win over Caulfield, cementing its place atop the ladder.

Tim Cummins impressed in the ruck in his first match of the season, while Matt Lovejoy was best afield.

The Sharks take on the lowly-ranked Mazenod at Banksia Reserve on Saturday.