The President's 'Shark Bites'

President's Sharkbite

Hi all. Fins Up. Respectful and Respected.

We will soon be releasing our next major newsletter. In the meantime I thought everyone might appreciate a more regular and informal update which we will endeavour to provide fortnightly from now.

Here’s a thought. Be happy and positive to be a Shark. 42 teams, almost 2,000 members, new facilities and lot’s of things happening. We will always strive to be better. That's a good thing. We accept that there will be noise and issues. That's ok.  We will listen to it, but it doesn't affect our clear vision which is to make our club a clear place of first choice, not just by location, but by offering.  Not just for players, but members and sponsors and community too.

As volunteers we all have one thing in common - we want our club to be the best it can be for our players, supporters and the wider community as a whole.

Please continue to note one of our key mottos: RESPECTFUL and RESPECTED.  We can't have the latter without the former. We need it, we must lead it.

I'm heartened by behaviors of most in this regard. It is worth noting that any time there is DISRESPECTFUL behavior - more often than not this results in committee members spending countless hours dealing with unnecessary issues. So keep it positive, keep it RESPECTFUL. Then more time can be devoted to continually improving the club's offering.

Some new initiatives have started at the football club. One such thing is SharkNet networking and SharkNet "jobs available"  - this has been launched and the inaugural networking night recently had 60+ attendees.  Our sponsors and members have started to really get behind this. More nights are planned which i think will interest everyone. This will include some informative sessions on the stock market and the property/building industry. Get behind it. It will provide our club with a great Point of Difference.

Some likes for the month

In no particular order, and clearly not an exhaustive list:

- The resilience of our Under 19's Premier Reserves team after a very difficult start to the season. Hard, Respected, Resilient.

- Chloe Bartlett kicking 5 goals in the Under 12 girls

- Curtis Murphy from our Under 9's correctly providing all the stats on our senior coach Guy McKenna to win his pack of footy cards and get a photo with Bluey

- Bryce Mooney from our under 9's correctly identifying Ollie Florent and Jack Scrimshaw as two recent Sharks drafted in the top 20 at AFL level

- The bacon and egg rolls at the canteen and the food and service provided on match day to our senior players

- The cooperation of the BSC in helping us get junior games back at Banksia Reserve on Sunday afternoons.

- The atmosphere brought by our senior group on both Thursday nights and Saturday nights. #MBGA!!

- The great attendances at Shark of the Month and following up for dinner in the BSC. 

- William Nish, Charlie Harrop, Will Snowden, Jett Butler and Aiden McCarthy all Under 13 league representatives attending under 9's training to help with drills

- Kai Owens having a kick with the kids

- The new website from Danny Kelly and Ian Millar

- Rylie Virtue's performance in the under 19s (Rylie is an under 17 boy)

- Mark Selby's sponsor banners

- Collo, Uncle and Spiersy work on the ground and centre area

- The Under 9's coming to spend a day with the Seniors on June 2

- The Seniors scheduling dates to attend Junior teams training

- The comedy of Russell Morris, Jack Daniels and Paul Dear at the recent Past Players lunch which was proudly sponsored by our major sponsor Mercedes Benz Brighton

- the tireless of work of many volunteers. Nicki Spencer, Tracey Francis, Liz Heath are just a few that need permanent beds at the club!!

If you've got some positive and/or constructive feedback about the club or any particular age group, send it through to I for one would like to hear about it, as I'm sure would all of our committee and members. We can share these stories as part of my regular update, or simply through the newsletter, Facebook and website.

Finally, a quick quiz for the kids, with footy cards or equivalent to the first five correct answers to

1. Name 3 former AFL (former VFL) players who have coached at Beaumaris (juniors or seniors) and have played in AFL Premierships.

2. Name one current player from each of the following AFL clubs who played junior footy for the Sharks: Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, Hawthorn

3. Which AFL/VFL club did Director of Football, Brian Royal play for, and how many games did he play (including Victoria state games)

4. One of our club's sponsors is Adroit Insurance. The Director there is a former AFL player. What is his name?

5. One of our Under 9's players has a dad who played AFL footy for Brisbane and St Kilda. What's his name?  What’s his son’s name?

Winners announced in my next President’s snapshot

Fins Up.