With our 2018 playing season finished,  the committee are now starting to plan for the 2019 season.

As such we would like to give you an insight into our thinking for coaching positions for next season.

We welcome all those interested in applying for a coaching position in any of the boys and girls competitions for the 2019 season to do so.

Often those of us who want to coach are loathe to put ourselves forward as we don’t want to offend the incumbent. This is a very normal position, however, we would encourage you to apply if you have a desire as this sends us a strong signal. Assistant coaching maybe an appropriate first step where the incumbent would like to continue.

Any applications will be confidential. All coaching positions for the 2019 season will be reviewed, and all applicants will be formally interviewed. In saying this, we would also suggest to you that good coaches who are currently in a position are more likely to retain their positions than not.

It is our intention to interview and then appoint all coaches for 2019 by Christmas 2018, where possible. As such we would ask that all applications be forwarded by end of October, to either of us.

Ken Knight                                                                Stephen Nash

Vice President – Football                                       Director of Coaching

M: 0412-368-067                                                    M: 0412-263-381

kknight1812@gmail.com                                       stephenn@westcoasteagles.com.au